Vertical Stretch Wrapping Machines

Our vertical stretch wrapping machines are grouped into two primary families: self-propelled robots and turntables. Both types of machines provide cost savings by nearly doubling the length of a stretch film roll by stretching the film at a much higher rate than a person manually wrapping a pallet by hand. This is achieved by using a pre-stretch film carriage which can achieve stretching rates as high as 250%, compared to the manual wrapping rate of 70% - 90%. In addition, wrapping a pallet at a consistent rate provides additional protection during product shipment preventing damaged loads.

Robotic pallet wrappers also known as mobile or portable pallet wrapping machines are extremely versatile and provide instant value. Compact in size and built for heavy use, robotic stretch wrappers eliminate the need for a forklift by bringing the wrapping machine to the pallet. The use of a tracing wheel allows the robot to scan the shape of a pallet and then wrap it without for input by an operator. Several safety features are built in such as a security bumper which can immediately stop the machine, a large blinker located atop the robot which is visible while wrapping and an emergency stop button.