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We sell industrial packaging machinery, stretch wrapping machines, stretch film rolls, and supplies at discount prices. Our lines include vertical and horizontal stretch wrapping machines, box making machines and box taping machines. Our stretch wrapping machinery is built to highest standards and configurable in a wide range of sizes, with additional options for specific industries and applications. Popular products include our self-propelled robot pallet wrapping machines and turntable pallet wrappers which are used in warehouses all over the world to prepare and secure pallets for transport and shipment.

Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machines

Horizontal stretch wrapping machines are manufactured in numerous sizes to accommodate oddly shaped products such as large doors, metal pipes and sofas. Some models include multi-wrap capability, combining stretch film and bubble wrap (PE film, PE air bubble film, PVC film) for maximum protection.

horizontal stretch wrapping machines

Vertical Stretch Wrapping Machines

Vertical stretch wrapping machines are often referred to as pallet wrappers. Key benefits to using a pallet wrapping machine include reduced material waste, more secure pallet loads and significantly improved worker productivity. Several film carriage options are available such as pre-stretch and manual break.

vertical stretch wrapping machines

Box Making Machines

Box making machines are used to create cardboard boxes for packaging products. These machines are extremely versatile and can be configured to create boxes in many different sizes.

box making machines

Box Taping Machines

Box taping machines increase efficiency and productivity in manufacturing and distribution by significantly reducing the time necessary to seal boxes prior to storage or shipment.

box taping machines

Industries We Serve

Food & Beverage

packaging machines for beverages

Pallet wrappers decrease packaging costs and protect food and beverage products such as bottled drinks, frozen foods and dairy products.


packaging machines for medical

Medical production facilities require maximum product protection and quick processing for medical test kits, pharmaceutical supplies and surgical equipment.

Warehouse & Logistics

packaging machines for warehouse logistics

E-commerce facilities and distribution centers use our stretch wrappers to pack and ship inventory all over the world.