Box Making Machines

Box making machines creates custom cardboard boxes, reducing costs and allowing businesses to be more self-sufficient. Simply input the dimensions of the box and insert the corrugated board and the machine cuts the corrugated material to exact specifications. An efficient series of drives, toothed blades and rollers work in tandem to output high quality boxes with clean-cut and distinct folding points. A plethora of customization options are available via the digital control panel which allows operators to specify individual parameters for the most demanding applications.

Industries We Serve

Food & Beverage

packaging machines for beverages

Pallet wrappers decrease packaging costs and protect food and beverage products such as bottled drinks, frozen foods and dairy products.


packaging machines for medical

Medical production facilities require maximum product protection and quick processing for medical test kits, pharmaceutical supplies and surgical equipment.

Warehouse & Logistics

packaging machines for warehouse logistics

E-commerce facilities and distribution centers use our stretch wrappers to pack and ship inventory all over the world.