Robowrap 2200

The Robowrap 2200 is a robotic pallet wrapping machine that is built to the highest standards to provide consistent, reliable service and superior stretch wrapping ability. Our Robowrap showcases the latest in robot pallet wrapping technology with features such as an industry leading tracing wheel, intelligent touch screen control panel and comprehensive safety system.

The tracing wheel scans each pallet, learns its exact dimensions, and then wraps the pallet. Configurable with a pre-stretch carriage system, the Robowrap can increase the tension on a roll of stretch film up to 250%. A full color, touchscreen display allows you to adjust settings on the robot. The Robowrap is easily movable and can be quickly moved from storage to pallet without the need for a forklift. The security bumper ensures that the robot does not damage nearby objects and will automatically shut the machine down if it makes contact with anything but the pallet it is wrapping.

Common Applications

  • Pallets (including steel door pallets)
  • Large Boxes


pre stretch carriage for pallet wrapping machine

Pre-Stretch Carriage

mechanical brake carriage for pallet wrapping machine

Mechanical Brake Carriage

Technical Specifications
Machine dimensions L x W x H 1100 mm x 600 mm x 2200 mm
Film carriage type Mechanical Brake, Pre-Stretch
Film stretch manual (Mechanical Brake), adjustable from panel (Pre-Stretch)
Film pre-stretch 0-%150 (Mechanical Brake), 0%-250% (Pre-Stretch)
Weight 490 kg
Battery voltage 24V DC
Power supply voltage 220V AC
Film carriage speed Adjustable
Maximum Height 2200mm
Minimum product dimemsions 700 mm x 700 mm x 500 mm
Maximum product width x length Unlimited
Film thickness 23 - 40 Micron
Film width 500 mm

Industries We Serve

Food & Beverage

packaging machines for beverages

Pallet wrappers decrease packaging costs and protect food and beverage products such as bottled drinks, frozen foods and dairy products.


packaging machines for medical

Medical production facilities require maximum product protection and quick processing for medical test kits, pharmaceutical supplies and surgical equipment.

Warehouse & Logistics

packaging machines for warehouse logistics

E-commerce facilities and distribution centers use our stretch wrappers to pack and ship inventory all over the world.