Spinner 1000 S

Common Applications

  • Membrane, acrylic and lacquer painted covers
  • Bathroom and kithcen cabinets
  • Doors
  • Door frames and moldings
  • Laminate flooring
  • Aluminum, steel and wood profiles and pipes
  • PVC profile products, etc.
Technical Specifications
Product Wrapping Sizes
Max. length Unlimited
Min. dimensions (width x height x length)
*With short part nail
100 mm x 18 mm x 550 mm*
Conveyor Belt Features
Usable length 1924 mm
Total length 2000 mm
Working height 900 mm
Electric motor power 0.75 kW
Max. speed 12m/min
Max. load capacity 100 kg/meter
Stretchfilm Features
Max. width 200 mm
Max. diameter 230 mm
Reel core diameter 76 mm
Recommended thickness 23, 30, 35 micron
General Machine Features
Main motor power 1.5 kW
Max. ring rotation speed 80 rpm
Min. ring rotation speed 10 rpm
Electronic control components Siemens, Schneider, LS
Total weight 770 Kg